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Saving towards Retirement

The average life expectancy in this country is increasing all the time and more people are healthier and fitter in retirement than has perhaps ever been known before. We therefore need to make all the more preparation to ensure that we will enjoy financial peace and stability in our ‘golden days’ and furthermore, that we can afford to enjoy ourselves and do all those things we always planned to do when we had the time.

We can help you to choose your own lifestyle in retirement and are able to advise on the following areas:

-  Personal Pensions
-  Stakeholder Pensions
'Legacy' products, e.g. Additional Voluntary Contributions, Section 32, Retirement Annuity Contracts

You are never too young to start providing for the time when you finally do give up day-to-day work. Pension legislation can be both confusing and complicated, and we will endeavour to make this very important subject both understandable and relevant to your situation. Our advice is tailored to meet your individual circumstances, taking into account your budget as well as identifying the actual amounts you would need to invest in order to achieve your preferred pension income levels.