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NEST - National Employment Savings Trust

Not only do you need to ensure that your own personal retirement provision is adequately taken care of but you also need to be aware of your responsibilities to your employees. Starting from October 2012 and by no later than April 2017, all employers will have to have a company pension scheme in place to which both you and your employees must make contributions.

If you do not offer a suitable company pension, you will be forced to offer a compulsory Government pension scheme, the ‘National Employment Savings Trust’ – NEST – to your qualifying employees.

Many company directors have not yet given thought to this new pension legislation, nor to the impact that the additional costs of these pension contributions could have on your business. The sooner this area is addressed and planned for, the less of an impact the implementation should have on your working practices and your cash flow.

Our specialist retirement planning advisers can help you to make this transition as painless as possible.