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Company Protection

Many businesses do not assess the impact of the death or serious illness of a partner or key member of staff and are thus left vulnerable when such an event strikes. Loans can be recalled, customers can lose confidence, strategic knowledge can be lost - all resulting in a loss in profits and in some cases, serious financial difficulty for the business.

For example:

The loss of a shareholder could result in their beneficiaries playing an active role in your business. These people may not have the necessary expertise to make qualified decisions or worse, may sell their shares to your competitor.

Your own beneficiaries may prefer to receive cash rather than company shares in the event of your death. Your fellow shareholders may not have the cash to buy those shares which could result in your own family suffering financial hardship.

These scenarios could be easily avoided via the placement of relevant and appropriate insurance policies and trust arrangements, all of which Cavendish Brooke can help you to identify and put in place.

The following are some of the most important areas we cover:

-  Keyperson Insurance
Partnership Assurance
-  Cross-shareholder Agreements